Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iPad or MacAir?

So, this is me trying again to blog successfully on the iPad 2 through the BlogPress app. At this point, some of the things that I enjoy about blogging on the iPad are that I love the keyboard, and the seeming flexibility of writing much more comfortably, instead of formally sitting with a regular computer or laptop.

Here are my issues with the iPad app or being able to blog through the Blogger dashboard... The Blogger dashboard normally has two tabs available for posting. The first tab is the HTML tab, and this can be handy to go into this section to fix any glitches that might pop up through the regular posting. It is not the preferred method to write your post in, though. It's clunky and ugly to look at the font in Courier font. And if I want to bold something, I have to use the HTML code and insert it in that way.

The second tab is the one that is user friendly, and I can type away as though I'm in Microsoft Word or Pages. If I want to bold my font, I click on the icon for it, and there it is. Much easier to format this way. The only issue is, the Blogger editing options are severely limited on the iPad because Blogger doesn't have a mobile editing device set up yet, so if I want to use my Safari web browser to edit my posts, I have to do it in that yucky first tab, which is the HTML.

The BlogPress app, which is what I'm using now, is just "meh." I do have to be savvy with HTML in order to bold my links, etc. And then when I save a draft, when I go back into it, it's got all the HTML inserted into it, that is programmed which I didn't originally include, such as the breaks between paragraphs, etc. And when I want to include the link to the author's site, Facebook page, etc.? Do you know how tough it is to write out how the link should look if you don't want it to be read in the format? Ugh.

And if I want to include a picture of the book cover, or the author's picture? If I haven't saved it in the photo section of my iPad from a download through email, then I have to take a picture of the book itself like below (which can be nice to be different), but the author photo would be tough if they haven't sent it to me...

I also can't preview my posts in the BlogPress app. I guess I could hop back online and pull the Blogger dashboard up and then hit preview from there, but who wants to go back and forth through all of that?!

So I'm debating exchanging the iPad for the MacAir, which provides everything I need in a regular laptop, without the encumbrance of Blogger not having a better tool in place to blog away at... It's also just as light as the iPad almost, and although the MacAir doesn't have a hard drive, I can bring a flash drive with me. Sigh...what to do?

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. If I had to use an iPad, I would never have a blog. I do good using the computer. You young folks can use anything electronic and do it well.